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Complimentary Consult about Trigenics
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Dr. Pete Pfeffer

Dr. Pete brings more than 25 years of chiropractic experience. He is a member of the National Ski Patrol and has been a member of mission teams that built hospitals, taught chiropractic and delivered care to the remote Amboseli region of Kenya. Dr. Pete has advanced training in Acupuncture, Rehabilitation and Neurology. He specializes in conservative solutions to complex neurological problems.

Dr. Mike Pfeffer

Dr. Mike is a chiropractor with more than 20 years of patient care experience. He was an All-American wrestler and member of a Division III National Championship team. Dr. Mike has specialized training in Applied Kinesiology, Nutrition and Neurology. He takes particular interest in nutritional answers to simple and complicated health challenges. 
What is Trigenics®
Trigenics® is a 3 step neurological procedure that is often effective in reducing pain and increasing strength and joint movement. The procedure changes and improves the way the brain and body talk to each other. The doctor applies a precise set of muscle techniques while patient performs active movements and breathing exercises. The treatments are either done by hand or with a gentle tapping instrument. This combined with specific regional exercises. Many patients notice an immediate change!
We Use A Proven, 3 Step Process To Help Our Patients:
Step 1: Examination

One of our highly trained chiropractors will perform a detailed exam. 
Step 2: 

We will perform a clinical trial to determine if you are a canidate for this procedure   
Step 3: 
Long Term

We will form a strategy to address your specific complaint to decrease pain and increase range of motion 
Complimentary Consult about Trigenics
We Provide Professional Relaxed Environment 
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