Dr. Pete Pfeffer

Dr. Pete brings more than 25 years of chiropractic experience. He is a member of the National Ski Patrol and has been a member of mission teams that built hospitals, taught chiropractic and delivered care to the remote Amboseli region of Kenya. Dr. Pete has advanced training in Acupuncture, Rehabilitation and Neurology. He specializes in conservative solutions to complex neurological problems.

Dr. Mike Pfeffer

Dr. Mike is a chiropractor with more than 20 years of patient care experience. He was an All-American wrestler and member of a Division III National Championship team. Dr. Mike has specialized training in Applied Kinesiology, Nutrition and Neurology. He takes particular interest in nutritional answers to simple and complicated health challenges. 
Limited time 
6 Point Wellness Evaluation
  • Bone Density Test
  • ​Brain Map
  • ​Functional Movement Screen
  • ​DNA Metabolic Test
  • ​Neurological Exam
  • Body Composition Assessment
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Success Stories at Pfeffer Chiropractic 
Jean P. 
I had been diagnosed with Sciatica. My feet were ice cold and my feet were very painful. The only freedom from pain was lying down. I had to lift my legs one at a time to get in and out of my van. The pain was excruciating. I was a mess. After coming to Pfeffer Chiropractic, my feet are warm and the numbness is gone. No more pain getting in and out of the van. My balance has improved. Sitting, standing and walking without severe pain is wonderful! Pfeffer Chiropractic took my pain away without inflicting any pain on me doing treatments!
- Jean P. 
Dorothy S.
I had problems in my wrists and severe numbness in both feet. This affected my balance and my ability to walk. A friend had completed the program with excellent results, so I thought I'd just come meet the doctors. They spent time with me to uncover the cause of my problem and what could be done to improve my condition. I took the chance and it paid huge rewards! My hands are better and my feet have improved beyond my expectations! 
- Dorothy S.
Diane K.
There was severe pain and tingling in both of my hands and feet. I had an EMG and was told it was neuropathy. I wasn't offered much of a solution or help. So, as a last resort I tried the neuropathy program at Pfeffer Chiropractic, I was doubtful. Ok, downright skeptical, but Dr. Pete and his team tackled it head on! Now, halfway through my program, I have days that are completely pain free! I'm no longer skeptial and I'm Happy to have my life back!
-Diane K.
Marvella P.
We Use A Proven, 3 Step Process To Help Our Patients:
Step 1: Examination

One of our highly trained chiropractors will perform a detailed exam. 
Step 2: 

We will perform a clinical trial to determine if you are a candidate for one our many pain control therapies.    
Step 3: 
Long Term

We will provide options for a long-term strategy to address your specific problem and help you reclaim your independence  
Limited Time Complimentary Screening!
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